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We offer a wide variety of wire taping lines. From magnet wire lines, to multi-head tapers, to take ups, cablers, and re-spoolers. We have what you need, and we custom build our machines to order. Additionally, we offer a few items such as touch pad controls, air and water-cooling systems, and scales. We also make wire brush cleaners, slipwashers, and replacement parts for maintenance as well as refurbishment. Lastly, there are many different models of each machine so if you don't see the model you want, or would like to see more information about a model or machine that is shown, simply contact us and we will work with you to get you what you want. E-mail us or call your quote in today, and we will respond with the best price around, guaranteed.

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M200E Taper
The model 200E Taper is the most versatile production wrapper offered to the wire and cable industry. With its manual or automatic electric tape tension system, it will wrap wire product sizes from .006 through .600+ diameter flexible cable. With low tensile P.T.F. to high tensile steel tapes, it is supplied with the Pin or Basket-type heads and is offered as an all-electric or line-shaft driven machine. Wrapping speed range for Pin head - 0 to 2000 RPM, Binder head - 0 to 2000 RPM, and Basket head - 0 to 3000 RPM.
M200 Taper Features: Options: 
-Always made to customer specifications.
-Available with any number of heads.
-Excellent for low frequency cables.
-Compatable with many types of tape and wire.
-Low product waste.
-Laser mics.
-Photo-electric eyes.
-Quick release heads.
-Available in vertical configuration.
-Touch screen control.

Take Up
Tension controls are infinitely adjustable. Tension is controlled by means of dancer with counter-weight or pneumatically. All take-ups have tension sensors and a computerized tension-controller.
Take-up Features: Options:
-Wide variety of models including Reel-Traversing,
    Pintle, Dual and more.
-Infinitely adjustable tension controls.
-All Take Ups have tension sensors and
    computerized tension controllers.
-Reversable traverse and a 6 - 1 lay range.
 -Tension can be controlled pneumatically or by
     means of a dancer with a counter weight.
 -Adjustable traversing speed.

Pay Off
Available in powered form to keep tension. Optional air operated pintles. The pay-off stand is our most inexpensive model. Our dual pay-off has air operated tension arms and  a spool capacity of 12-30 inches. The width depends on customer needs.
Pay-off Features: Options: 
-Wide variety of models available.
-Accepts a wide range of spool sizes.
-0 - 4000 gram tension control.
-Pneumatic lifting.

-Tension can be controlled pneumatically or by
     means of a dancer with a counter weight.

-Numerous models to choose from, many of which
     are powered for greater tension control.

Radiant Oven Systems
Our ovens are available in vertical or horizontal configurations. The ovens can be sold individually or complete with striping head, capstan, and/or take-up built in. Temperatures get as high as 600 degrees Celsius.
Radiant Oven Features: Options: 
-Vertical ovens are stationary. Wire moves in and
  out of oven.
-Temperatures as high as 600 degrees Celsius.
-Multiple oven sections.
-Vertical or horizontal positions.
-Included capstan, striper, and/or take up.

Striper Oven Systems 
 Our Radiant Oven Systems have the option of an added Striper Head. The Striper is controlled digitally, with adjustable stripe pitch and head speed. Up to 3 colors at once, easy to operate, and very accurate.
Striper Head Features:  
-Max Speed: 1000rpm
-Ink Pots: 3
-Wheels: 3
-Centering Pin: 1
-Digital Lay Control: 1
-Speed: 1.2 - 60mm
-Wheel Thickness: 1/8" - 3"
-Stripe Width: (Depends on wheel thickness)
-Accuracy: 0.1% With digital controls.

Caterpillar Capstan
The upper half of the Caterpillar is air-operated to apply constant pressure for increased accuracy and easier use. Features a Lexan guard. Different durometer belts are also available.
Caterpillar Capstan Features: Options: 
-Speeds of up to 50 m/min.
-Very easy to use.
-Lexan guard.
-Additional types of belt material.
-Larger Caterpillar sizes available.

Other Machines
2006 Binder Head The Binder
-Capable of wrapping multiple bobbins.
-Works well with glass or nylon.
-Speed: 0 to 1200 RPM.

Counter The Counter / Length 
Measuring Machine
-Accurate to within 0.02%.
-Accepts all sizes of wire.

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